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Up in a Banyan Tree

250 & 500-piece jigsaw puzzle

During lockdown, we spent a lot of time on our balcony, which is at eye-level with the branches of a mango tree. It was like a bustling metropolis, alive with the many birds, butterflies and squirrels that call it home. I had the idea to create a jigsaw puzzle which would help people discover all these residents. Together with ecologist Priti Bangal, we settled on a banyan tree, both for its familiarity as well as for its importance as a keystone species in Indian ecosystems. We then selected ten species of flora and fauna that you would commonly find Up in a Banyan tree: spot them all as you put together your puzzle, using the booklet inside your box!

We made the puzzle in 2 formats—250 pieces and 500 pieces—to cater to a range of age groups. This product is entirely designed and manufactured in India.
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