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The KINGDOM of MYSORE (2014) | For the Citrus Cunningham Hotel, Bangalore | Digital

At the dawn of independence, the Princely Kingdom of Mysore acceded to the Indian Union, rechristened as the state of Karnataka, with Bangalore as its capital. The Mysore Palace (Wodeyar Dynasty, rebuilt 1912) keeps alive its rich legacy. Here, you can trace the story of the Wodeyars along the crowning archway — from the patron deity Chamundeshwari slaying the demon Mahishasura; to the two founding Wodeyar brothers laying the groundwork of their kingdom; to the onset of colonial rivalries in south India; the rise of the young soldier Haider Ali as de facto ruler of Mysore; the ensuing reign of his iconic son Tipu Sultan and his final battle with the British; and ending with the Kingdom’s subsidiary alliance to the British as a princely state.

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